1. Our daily activity is regulated by our internal Ethic Code, which is applied by every employee in our company;
  2. Agency for Control of Outstanding Debts cares about the interests of it’s business partners and, in the same time, aims to keep the respect for the dignity of the debtors;
  3. We treat the debtors in the same way, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, age, social status, sexual orientation, education, health status;
  4. Our specialists lead the conversations with respect for the personality and position of the debtor, keeping the good tone regardless of the circumstances;
  5. We do not use offensive language towards the debtors, we do not make threats;
  6. Our employees behave in a professional manner and use terminology and vocabulary typical for a specialized debt collection company;
  7. When communicating to third parties, we do not disclose personal information;
  8. Our values and development are based on a high professionalism, flexibility, continuous learning and adapting.